Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pairing a Blue2 Bluetooth Dual Pedal Switch with iOS7

If you're like me, you need some step-by-step directions (with visuals!) to help navigate through the process of pairing your Bluetooth switch with the new iOS.  Below are step-by-step directions to help you through the process if you are using a Blue2 Dual Pedal switch.  You can also access these directions as a PDF through Google Docs here: Pairing a Blue2 Bluetooth Dual Pedal Switch with iOS7

For more information regarding switch access and the iPad, check out Jane Farrall's Consulting Blog: How Do I Pair A Switch with an iPad

Directions for Pairing:
Go to the Settings App

Select the Bluetooth tab; turn Bluetooth On (You will see your iPad “Searching” under DEVICES)

On your Blue2 dual switch device, turn power ON

You will now see Dual Pedal show up under DEVICES.  It will say “Not Paired” (See picture below)

Tap on top of Dual Pedal.  You will see a Bluetooth Pairing Request box pop up with a four digit code, which needs to be entered in order to pair your Dual Pedal

Use the numbered keys on the Blue2 to enter in the code.  The numbers are very small and hard to see…also there are only 5 keys to choose from.  If you look closely, you will see that each key has two numbers assigned to it…1-5 and 6-0. (Refer to picture below.)

In order to use these keys to enter the four digit code, directly select the key for numbers 1-5 or hold the Shift pedal and select the key when entering numbers 6-0.  After you have typed in your four digit code, select the Enter pedal.

You should now see the iPad notify you that your device is “Connected” (see image below)

Click on the General Tab within the Settings App

Select Accessibility

Underneath Physical and Motor, select Switch Control

Turn Switch Control ON

Select “Switches”; select blue2

Choose your switch actions.  Scanner will activate your Shift pedal.  System will activate your Enter pedal.

Within the Switch Control menu, there are several items you can customize and turn on/off.  Make sure you take a look at all of your options in order to fully optimize your switch experience.

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