Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tools That Support Social Skills

This week I've been investigating how technology can help support teaching social skills.  I've used these tools before for various instructional purposes but I really love how they can be used to support students tackling social challenges in the school setting.                                                           

The Power Card Tool
Power Cards involve incorporating a highly preferred subject and using it to make a connection to the social skill you are targeting with your student.  For more information on how to create Power Cards and the research behind their effectiveness, check out the links below:
Using the Power Card Strategy
The Power Card Strategy

I love using the Trading Card Creator from www.readwritethink.org for creating Power Cards. It's free, super quick, and easy for a student to   participate in the process. ReadWriteThink has several interactive tools that are great to use in the   classroom, so make sure to explore the other tools on the website if you get a chance!
The Comic Strip Tool
Allowing a student to help develop a comic strip to sort through social situations and feelings is another fun way to collaborate on problem solving skills.  For more information, take a look at the following link:  Comic Strips and Social Skills
There are certainly a plethora of comic creator tools available on the web and in app form...and I've tried several.  The Story Me App (available to iPads running on iOS 6.0 or higher) is by far the most user-friendly, time efficient tool I've found.  And it's free!
The Multi-Media Social Narratives Tool
I love using multi-media displays with students because it provides audio and visual cues.  ProShow (available on iDevices and online) provides three different account options depending on your needs.  This tool allows you to upload photos, video, text and music to create a slide show.  I use a variety of slide show apps but I always come back to this one- I love how I can access it on all my devices and the many options for sharing my creations.  For more information pertaining to social narratives, visit The National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders.


  1. For more information on how to create Power Cards and the research behind their effectiveness, check out the links below. technology in the classroom

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