Saturday, February 8, 2014

Word Prediction iOS Apps

Students who struggle with spelling, language or physical disabilities sometimes find success in written tasks with the assistance of a word prediction program.  Several iOS apps tailor to this need.  Many offer a great word prediction feature, but they all differ in their additional features.  And sometimes these additional features make all the difference in finding an app that is right for you or your student.  I often refer to a word prediction software comparison chart made available through the Spectronics website (a wonderful resource!) when I am looking to purchase computer software.  But I had yet to find a comparison chart for iOS word prediction apps.

Recently, I humbly tried to put one together.  I chose a few apps that I think have nice word prediction capabilities.  Each app offers a little something different in features, exporting options, and appearance.  These are important differences to note because in the school setting, there is more to evaluate when choosing an app than just "does it offer word prediction?"  For example, in my school district we are very conscientious of digital citizenship- we do not allow underage children to use email accounts on our devices.  Therefore, if I am purchasing a word prediction app for an elementary aged student, I am looking for an app that exports products to the student's Google Drive app (this way they can share their work with teachers securely through our school provided Google Doc accounts.)

You can find my word prediction comparison chart of iOS apps here: 
Word Prediction iOS Apps: Features Comparison Chart

*This is not an all-inclusive list of word predictions apps; the features listed for each app are subject to change as updates are made available through the app store.

If you are interested in purchasing word prediction software for a computer, check out Spectronics comparison chart here: Literacy Support Software Comparison Chart

Apps featured in the comparison chart:


Clicker Docs

App Writer