Saturday, July 12, 2014

iPhone Apps vs iPad Apps

Searching for apps on the app store can be...difficult.  If you don't know the exact name of the app you are looking for, it's sometimes like going on a wild goose chase to find it.  Other times you know exactly what you are looking for but the app isn't showing up in the store.  Here is a tip that might alleviate your troubles.

Some apps are developed to work on iPhones.  Some are developed to work on iPads.  Apps that are submitted to the app store as "iPhone apps" can be loaded and used on iPads.  Apps that are submitted as iPad only apps cannot be loaded and used on iPhones. (You can move up, but you can't move down.) When searching for an app in the App Store, you can specify which type of device you are using.  If you are working on an iPad, the app store will automatically search for iPad apps.  The 5 Point Autism Scale app is an example of an app that you might want on your iPad but you will have to search for it under "iPhone apps".

When I search for "5 point scale" in the app store on my iPad, I see the app Social Scale appear.  But I am trying to find a free 5 point scale app in the app store.  At the top of the screen (see red arrow in picture above) I am set to search for iPad only apps.  

By touching the down arrow, I can decide which type of apps I want to search for.  See picture below.

By switching to iPhone apps I will see other apps appear in the store, depending on what's available as an "iPhone" app.

Now that I've switched to the iPhone store, the free Autism 5-Point Scale EP will appear.

Once you have downloaded and open an app made for an iPhone onto your iPad, it will appear small on your iPad screen.  See the photo below for an example.  Tap on top of the 2x icon in order to blow up the image to fit your iPad screen.

So the next time you are searching for that great app that you've heard about and can't find it, remember to adjust your settings and check out the iPhone apps, as well as iPad apps, in the app store!