Thursday, December 4, 2014

Apps for Creating Social Narratives

Social narratives, video modeling, social stories...which app do I choose?  I get this question from time to time and my answer is always the same..."It depends on what you want to create."

Do you need to add video?  Do you want to add audio?  Do you just need something simple with a few pictures and some text? Do you want your student to develop the social narrative with stickers, picture symbols and drawings?  Once I have created a social narrative, how am I going to share this with the student?  There are several apps available that can be used to create a social narrative.  Deciding on which app to go with can be tricky.  Last week a colleague of mine used an app to create a social narrative with some video modeling embedded into the story.  She loved the app she was using but was frustrated that she was forced to record audio onto each page; she just wanted the audio from the video clip to act as her audio within the book.  The app she was using was great for creating stories where you needed to add audio to each "page" of the book, but wasn't really fitting her need for this particular social narrative.  Wouldn't it be nice if we had a comparison chart of social narrative apps to see which app would fit the need of the task at hand?

This wasn't an easy process.  There are so many story creator apps available through iTunes that it would be impossible to include each and every single one that could be used to create social narratives.  I made my comparison chart with one qualification in mind- it HAD to have the ability to add text to the pages.  The comparison chart below does not include every app that can be used to create social stories; it does include apps that I have used and think are worth taking a look at. Their features vary, their sharing options vary, their costs vary.  Hopefully this will help guide others as it has helped guide me in choosing the perfect app to create that specific social narrative you have in mind for a student.

Social Narrative Apps Comparison Chart- Download Here

**Information within the Comparison Chart is subject to change at any time.  This document was developed in December of 2014; prices and features of apps may change over time so please follow the link within the chart to view the apps in iTunes to view the current features and prices.

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